Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vegetable Garden

Our first harvest from our new raised beds.

Vegetable Garden

Our 1st crop from the new raised beds.

Vegetable Garden

Take that you little varmints. The bunnies could not get in after we installed these nifty little fences. We just drilled holes in the top of the wood and hammered them in. We used zip ties to keep them together.

Vegetable Garden

Okay at this point we had not put our garden fence up do the bunnies were taking over...

Craft lizard

Here is a cute little pet lizard.

Craft Zebra

Here is the zebra Anya made. She is 10 so was able to do most of the crafting and sewing.

Kids Craft Bear

To beat spring break bordom my kids and I decided to make stuffed animals.